partenaires d’analyse  Official Gmail and Yahoo! Mail apps for iOS have recently received significant updates that bring a few notable improvements to the popular email clients. Google’s update for Gmail app adds better integration for other Google apps that are available for the iOS platform. The app now features ability to open links directly in Google Drive and Google+ applications for iOS, provided both of these apps are also installed on the device. Another notable change that this update brings is that it adds an enhanced attachment experience to the  app. This means users will be able to view larger image thumbnails that will open into a full screen viewing mode. On the other hand update for Yahoo! Mail app for iOS now allows users to easily manage folders on their iPhone or iPad. Users can create new folders, rename or delete the ones that already exist right from the app. The update also brings ability for users to add attachments in other apps for example users can now open PDF files in any PDF reader that is installed on their iOS device by tapping on the ‘Share’ button and then on ‘Open With’ option. Apart from the usual bug fixes the app also fixes the problem with sidebar that caused the app to show blank sidebar to certain users using Arabic or Hebrew languages. Gmail for iOS is available in the App Store for free  here . Yahoo! Mail app, which is also free can be downloaded from  here . – . .

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