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Quatre applications d’acrobatie iPhone à ne pas manquer

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Acrobatic exercises can strengthen your body, improve your flexibility and balance, enhance your coordination, and help you become more confident. With the use of technology, there are several iPhone applications that can help you take your acrobatics to the next level.

One such application is AcroBody, which teaches acrobatics and acro yoga with a partner through 4K videos of poses and transitions. The app also covers prerequisites, allowing users to filter results by skill level and movement type.

Another app, Acrodicted, is a random sequence generator for acroyoga and acrobatics. It allows users to filter poses based on foundation position, flyer position, and contact situation.

For those looking to improve their balance, Handstand Quest is an app that helps users develop the strength and balance necessary for various challenging exercises, including acrobatics, parkour, and martial arts.

Lastly, AcroWorld Poses contains over 50 acroyoga poses that users can try with a partner, complete with multiple photos of each pose for better understanding.

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Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, acrobatics practitioner, or simply looking to learn new skills, these iPhone applications can help elevate your acrobatics game. Have you found better iPhone applications for learning acrobatics? Please share them with us.

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